How CX can help you Generate Better Business Outcomes

In today’s technological and customer-centric world, most organizations, big and small, collect customer data. However, the question remains, are companies leveraging this data in an efficient and useful manner? Furthermore, how is this data helping you grow and advance your CX department? A March 2022 survey by Harvard Business Review Analytic Services of 186 executives presented that there are huge disconnects between what companies consider important uses of customer data and what they can actually do with that data today. In fact, 94% percent of respondents reported “that being able to keep CX consistent across customer touchpoints is important to their organization,” but strikingly only 42% agree that they are able to do this now. Nearly 71% of those surveyed also reported that they want to alter their CX data strategies. These changes have been especially aggravated by the pandemic and global supply chain issues. 

This HBR survey highlights the ever-increasing need for complex CX. Many in the CX field agree that organizations will need to  fundamentally rethink the technology and: approaches they require to improve their agility, flexibility, and scalability so they can generate business outcomes from their customer data.” At Horatio, we offer a hybrid mix of technology and hands-on customer support to help our clients reach their goals. 

Often these “goals” are broad when it comes to how they would like us to help with customer engagement to help achieve desired outcomes  ( customer engagement is defined as communicating with your customers over the course of their journey – from acquiring, onboarding, and nurturing to supporting and retaining ). Other times, our clients give us very specific, numeric outcomes they would like to achieve by having us take care of customer experience. In both cases, we know CX is the magic ingredient in achieving your business’s bottom line. How? Strong CX encourages customer loyalty and even customer communities.” In today’s remote world, oftentimes customers are looking for more than just a simple transactional experience. They want to feel valued and understood. This is where stellar and unique CX can help.  A customer’s journey should be fully aligned with a brand’s values and goals. Today there is a scarcity of talent knowing exactly how to achieve this. Our agents are all bilingual and highly skilled when it comes to providing a sense of empathy to each interaction. Our unique onboarding process also ensures that our agents know a brand’s vernacular and best practices inside and out. 

The data is convincing alone, companies should not skimp or overlook the customer journey. In the next 12 to 18 months, according to the HBR study, 60% say their companies will boost spending on customer data and analytics insights. With all the things it takes to run a successful business, we urge brands to leave CX in the skilled hands of teams fully-dedicated to these goals. To succeed in today’s hypercompetitive market, brands must prioritize and facilitate compelling customer journeys. In turn, better business outcomes are guaranteed.


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