Unfortunately in today’s digital world, all users are exposed to risks of harm. Our dedicated team of agents will ensure that your website is being moderated with the leading technologies and a nuanced approach to protecting your content.


Through our meticulous attention to detail and our empathetic touch, Horatio will ensure your team and digital assets are provided with the utmost protection.

We are all vulnerable

Reduce the risk! Users can be exposed to harm, fraud, or other behaviors that are outside of your brand’s community guidelines. Our team will create a safe and inclusive environment for users, allowing platforms to build and maintain relationships while growing the size and diversity of the audience.


We’ll protect your people

A lack of trust and safety leads to a loss of users. Horatio focuses on building effective Trust and Safety programs that safeguard an inclusive and secure environment for users. At the same time, these features allow your platforms to flourish. Allow our team to build and maintain relationships while concurrently growing the size and diversity of your audience.


Optimize your brand experience

Our extensive network of experienced reviewers in combination with our latest artificial intelligence (AI) technology can help you moderate content at scale. Horatio partners with social networks, apps, gaming, community platforms, and streaming services helping to keep their platforms safe and secure.



There are many reasons why some of the fastest growing companies choose Horatio to increase customer satisfaction, brand loyalty, and profits. Let’s take a look.


Seamless integration with your team

Your hand-picked team will stay true to your brand culture and values. As one client said, "I don't think of them as a separate company."


Nearshore and

Our fantastic agents are bilingual and experts in your niche. So not only do they know your culture and your language, but they're fluent in your lingo.


Your agents
are only yours

Your Horatio team won't be juggling you with other clients. They're exclusively yours and 100% invested in your company. Less sharing, more caring.

Perfect match

perfect match

Selecting your team isn't random. We match you with agents who share your brand values. So it's less of a blind date and more of a perfect match.


Real time
customer feedback

You'll never miss a five star review again as your dedicated team will provide constant updates on what's hot (and what's not) on your social channels.


Low staff

We invest in our people. They're our greatest asset. As a result, they stay with us, which means you'll be working alongside familiar, friendly faces.


People of Horatio

Horatio Meet our great asset


In no time, we’ll give you a team of dedicated agents that understand your customers, brand voice, and procedures.

Whether it’s phone calls, e-mails, live chat, SMS, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Amazon, or other platforms, we’ve got you covered. We use a full range of channels so your customers can get in touch via their preferred method. More channels. More happy customers.

Got a unique requirement? We’re your unique solution. Simply tell us what you need and we’ll tailor support solutions specific to your business.

When your business grows we will a) congratulate you and b) add to your team as quickly as needed to meet your new demands.

Do you like saving money? Ok, that was a trick question. With no social security or employee taxes to worry about, Horatio is your cost-saving solution.

Hidden fees. You won’t find them at Horatio. Our pay-by-hour pricing model is simple and (some would say) perfect for startups and fast growing companies.


Here’s some of the software we use.
Can’t spot yours? Well, we’re quick learners.

Our clients love us

“Horatio has been an invaluable and strategic partner to Dr. Squatch, from starting off with just a few agents, to now managing a small army!”

Alex Uruchurtu

Chief Product Officer - Dr. Squatch

“Horatio is not an outsourced firm for us – they’re part of the team. They live on our Slack, have an equal voice in customer experience and product iteration, and are a major reason why we’ve been able to grow over 400% year over year. “

Ryan Lupberger and Zach Bedrosian

Co-Founders of Cleancult

“We have had a fantastic experience with the Horatio team this past year. They are fully immersed in our company culture which was a big reason why we decided to go this route. The team members are talented, hard-working, and dedicated to helping us hit our goals. We are looking forward to a great future together!”

Nicole Mavraganis

Director of Sales - Zola

“We cannot say enough good things about the Hire Horatio team. From their leadership to our everyday agents, we have been nothing but impressed. Their team is responsible, attentive, and trustworthy, and provides top class customer service for us here at This Saves Lives. Their passion and hard work undoubtedly helps us save more kiddos lives, and for that we cannot thank them enough.”

Sam Avoian

Director of Customer Experience - This Saves Lives

“Overall, the team has been exceptionally helpful. They’ve hit incredible metrics for us and provided great insights into CX that we’ve never had before. They are also incredibly Ecom savvy which has helped elevate the brand and create lots of happy customers!”

Steve O’Dell

Founder - Tenzo Tea

“Horatio allows us to focus on building our core business while Horatio builds our customer service vertical. It feels like we are all one company. Our customers love working with Horatio and so do we!”

Laura Wright

Senior Operations Manager - The Inside

“We view Horatio as part of our team and I’m very happy to have brought them on board. They’re very reliable, high touch and great partners. All of the associates have exceeded our expectations and improved our overall customer experience. We’re grateful for them!”

Luana Barbosa

Head of CX and Marketing - Starface World

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