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We are the trusted partner for some of the fastest-growing startups and enterprises in the world. Our on-brand customer support teams help them leverage CX as a revenue generator.


Horatio exists to help brand-focused, high-touch innovative businesses turn customer interactions into revenue generating opportunities. It all began when our founders Jose, Jared, and Alex met on their first day at Columbia Business School. That serendipitous moment led to a meeting of entrepreneurial minds and the creation of a new paradigm in customer support.

Jose, Jared, and Alex noticed that start-ups and small businesses struggle to meet customer demands. That’s why they launched Horatio, a next generation CX outsourcing firm dedicated to providing cost-effective omnichannel customer support that optimizes everything from integrating the latest CX technologies to improving workflows and monitoring customer satisfaction scores. Today, Horatio is the trusted choice of some of the leading ecommerce companies.


Jose, Jared and Alex met on the first day of business school at Columbia University in September of 2017, the three had an immediate connection. The synergy between the three was instantaneous & they created Horatio – a mission-driven customer experience platform supporting today’s fastest startup & enterprise clients. Meet Horatio.

Jose (our CEO) helps set the strategic vision of Horatio and leads all growth, sales, marketing efforts for the company. Prior to Horatio, Jose was a Vice President at Morgan Stanley, overseeing the Latin American Investment Management institutional sales group. Originally hailing from the Dominican Republic, Jose was inspired to create a company that not only provides tech-enabled customer support for today’s fastest growing North American e-commerce businesses, but also one which creates opportunities locally & gives back to his native community.

Jared (our CFO) oversees all financial operations and client service for Horatio. Before Horatio, Jared was a Vice President at PineBridge Investments in their private equity group and worked as an investment banker at Nomura Securities and Goldman Sachs. Jared thrives in creating scalable processes that help build top-notch customer experiences for all of Horatio’s clients.

Alex (our COO) leads operational strategy & client service at Horatio. Alex has a background in investing and financial services – as a former Vice President in J.P. Morgan’s real estate investment group and having worked in the private bank at J.P. Morgan Asset Management. Alex’s strategic mindset has helped set Horatio apart by offering top-tier CX support that outperforms.


Meet the people behind Horatio that create a meaningful difference in the BPO space

Mary, Client Service Manager

“At Horatio, I truly found a place that is aligned with my values. The training and open communication provided set me up for success from the start, and the work culture and community encourages me to grow holistically. Knowing that I’m valued as a hard worker and as a human being motivates me to continue working creatively and aiming higher, and what’s more, it makes me eager to help others thrive as well – my teams, the customers I interact with, and the clients.”

Florence, Client Service Manager

“Horatio has been more than a job for me. The people, the environment, and my mentors make my overall experience one of a kind. Since joining Horatio, I have always been encouraged to give my best, showcase my skills, and never be afraid to share any idea that helps our clients improve their processes, showing the true Horatio value.  I feel truly blessed to work for a company that values its employees and is consistently generous and understanding”.

Fran, Client Service Manager

“I love Horatio because it is an open, innovative, forward-thinking workplace that allows you to fully develop your potential, where you can express your ideas and be part of the daily growth of the company. There is a spirit of cooperation and shared goals revolving around helping the customer.”

Julia, Customer Service Manager

“I love being part of the Horatio family. It is one of the places where you feel like you matter. I have been able to grow professionally and personally and have met some awesome people. The thing I believe makes Horatio different is that the culture is all about balance and continuous improvement. We have the perfect balance between work and fun.”

Edgar, Workforce Manager

“Think of a place where you can work, have fun, be challenged, grow, and help other companies grow as well? That place is Horatio!”

Chris, Senior CX Associate

“The energy of this place is second to none. I love everyone’s work ethic and the fact that we all share the same values. More companies should strive to have the same level of work ethic and also love for their employees!”

John, Operations Analyst

“Horatio is indeed the best place to work. The company adapts to our needs as employees, and motivates us to continuously improve processes, methods, and even the way we work to always give 100%.”

Oscar, Junior Operations Analyst

“Horatio is not a conventional workplace, you’re a true extension of the client’s operations and actually get to engage with them, giving you a taste of how important you are.”

Valerie, CX Associate

“Horatio stands out from the crowd. It gives people with great skills a great workspace and opportunities to grow within your desired field. I’ve been here for less than three months, yet I already have a vision of Horatio being the best in its field. Every single Horatio employee should be grateful to have been given this opportunity.”


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