Why Brands are leveraging TikTok to revolutionize their customer experience and increase sales

Providing an exceptional experience for consumers is incredibly vital in maximizing customer loyalty and maintaining retention. TikTok is the new kid on the block when it comes to CX channels by leveraging your loyal clients to post organic content on your behalf. 

According to recent projections, TikTok will have more than 2 billion subscribers by the end of  2023. This makes it an attractive platform for businesses to create their business account, which ultimately opens up a world of possibilities that can be advantageous. 

How to leverage TikTok to engage with potential customers and answer customer inquiries

While most people only think of TikTok as a platform to post videos with their friends and followers, brands can definitely capitalize from it, particularly when it comes to customer support and engaging with active users. 

At Horatio, we have definitely benefited from the market research that results in being present in a platform like TikTok, but many organizations still aren’t using it to their advantage. The ability to turn people’s experiences into insights is a huge upside to being on the app; consumers share feedback and general opinions through self-capture videos instead of filling out time-consuming, tedious surveys. The so-called TikTok unboxing frenzy has greatly benefitted some brands, increasing their exposure to potential customers and providing them with a new sales channel. 

Our favorite brands leveraging TikTok to increase brand awareness and answer customer inquiries:

Fresh Clean Tees

With over 220k followers on TikTok, Fresh Clean Tees sells high-quality t-shirts, hoodies, and men’s basic tees that are comfortable, affordable, and super soft. Their witty Tik Tok videos help promote the brand organically and encourage users of the brand to also post on TikTok.  

TikTok: @freshcleantees 

Parachute Home 

Parachute has the most comfortable essentials that make you feel at home – bedding, bath linens, decor, and more. Their beautiful aesthetics on TikTok has helped them reach over 11k followers. At the same time, they capitalized strongly in connecting and interacting with customers, who are the ones sharing relatable, organic experiences when they go the extra mile and provide great customer service in-store and through their digital channels. 

TikTok: @parachutehome 


In terms of skincare brands, Starface takes the lead at addressing common product inquiries or questions on TikTok and reaching its more than 1.2M followers on the platform. The company holds a very vibrant, animated brand identity that translates perfectly to social media platforms while providing top-tier customer support. 

Starface’s dynamic Q&A skin routine tutorials, coupled with their ability to engage with followers on a personal level make them a good example of excellent CX on the app. 

TikTok: @starface 

Pair Eyewear

From a business perspective, TikTok is an excellent way to reach a much wider audience while also facilitating a way to give back to both active and potential customers. Pair Eyewear is a customizable glasses company that has proved that they are at the forefront of customer support on the app by informally answering service questions via influencers and active customers. 

Pair Eyewear has a very good way of engaging consumers with their eyewear products, and the fact that most of their consumers are actively using the product and engaging directly with the brand is a huge step towards steadily increasing customer loyalty. 

TikTok: @paireyewear 

The Wrap Up

Nowadays, users are becoming increasingly comfortable capturing their experiences in short sound bites and self captured videos. For us, the most significant advantage is that the platform is entirely free to use; The ROI on TikTok is exponential, and quantifying the metrics on publications can help optimize marketing strategies and evidence the value of your content. 

At  Hire Horatio, we are increasingly looking for platforms to engage with consumers. TikTok’s technology allows any business to experience spectacular growth through customer engagement, regardless of its size or marketing budget.  

About Horatio:

Horatio is a leading provider of white-glove customer experience and omnichannel support services. At Horatio, we like to say “do what you do best, and hire Horatio to do the rest.” Horatio partners with high-growth and innovative companies to develop their customer support strategy and provides a dedicated handpicked team to execute. Horatio’s number one focus is on providing high-touch, brand-focused customer support. Our team is equipped with state-of-the-art technologies and expertise to ensure a great customer experience every time.

To learn more about Horatio, please email info@hirehoratio.com or visit www.hirehoratio.com 


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