Top 5 CX Softwares to Incorporate in 2023

Customer experience (CX) software is a type of technology that helps businesses improve the way they interact with their customers. It can be used to manage customer interactions, gather customer feedback, and analyze customer data to identify trends and opportunities for improvement.

CX software is important for businesses as it can help improve customer satisfaction, increase efficiency, and provide enhanced data-based analytics, which in time helps with better decision-making. They are the new trend in the market and have come here to stay. Discover the top 5 CX softwares you must incorporate into your CX strategy to stay ahead of the curve in 2023.



Few interactions have the potential to delight customers more than a meaningful conversation with a knowledgeable, empathetic support team. To maximize the value though, you need to collect data. 

Aircall’s easy-to-use analytics dashboard is designed to make that simple, keeping all the essential stats front and center. It organizes and presents data in a digestible way that makes it simple to sort and find what you need. It means your support team can use their connected business phone system to see—and act on—customer experience analytics in real-time. 

Want to gain the insights you need to boost your support team, create fantastic customer experiences, and ultimately improve your business? Reach out to the Aircall team today.



Flip equips your brand with a modern Alexa-like Voice experience when your customers call you. That means no more waiting on hold to resolve a simple request for them, and no more answering routine calls for your agents so they have time to focus on the more complex cases.

With Flip’s integrated the AI + human experience, they help you handle surges in volume with capacity that scales with you in real-time, and without maxing-out your budget.

42% of customers in the U.S. prefer to call a brand to seek customer support after they’ve made a purchase. Stop hiding from your customers – automate your phone channel instead and allow your customers to meet you in their channel of choice.



Gorgias is built exclusively for ecommerce companies. Their Shopify integration is incredibly deep, as are their integrations with major ecommerce tools related to marketing, loyalty, and fulfillment or returns. All of these integrations allow you to skip tab-shuffling and personalize interactions through real-time customer data getting pulled into the helpdesk.

Gorgias isn’t just a customer service software, it’s a customer service software built for revenue generation. With features like chat campaigns and self-service quick response flows to facilitate pre-sales interactions, and dashboards showing support’s impact on revenue, Gorgias makes it easy to improve support’s ROI. Learn more about all Gorgias can do for you.



A customer service quality management app for running an effective QA process, coaching agents, and boosting customer retention, that modernizes and automates the QA process in a seamless platform. Through AI-powered 100% coverage, Klaus helps you identify learning opportunities and use data to improve (and track improvements) with precision.

Customers are choosing to not support companies after just one negative interaction. With this rising need for excellent CX, companies must deliver constant outstanding support, and quality is a big part of this. Connect with Klaus and ensure the quality of your CX.



Loris is the pioneer of CX Conversational Quality (”CQ”). They provide customer service teams with an intelligence layer designed to continuously improve each conversation through an impactful feedback loop of Actionable Insights, Automated Quality Assurance and Real-Time Agent Assist.

Their results speak for themselves: time and time again, Loris helps customer teams successfully improve customer service and experience so they can lower costs while better serving customers who expect quality support anytime, anywhere they want to reach out.

Turn customer insights into real-time action with Loris.


Elevating the Customer Journey: The Transformative Impact of CX Software

CX softwares are an important tool for any business that wants to improve its customer relationships and drive business success. Each one of these softwares was designed to facilitate the CX journey and optimize the process.

All of these innovative and efficient CX softwares increase efficiency and provide valuable insights into customer behavior and preferences, making them a great tool to incorporate into your 2023.

Hire Horatio is committed to helping you build a personalized customer experience that represents your brand. With great knowledge and experience with these softwares, Horatio can help incorporate them seamlessly into your strategy, all while elevating the customer journey. Contact us to upgrade your strategy for client experience!


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