Top 5 CX Software to Incorporate in 2024

Growing customer expectations have continued to increase the stakes in the D2C business. This has made staying up-to-date a necessity for any company, and leveraging the right CX software plays a big part in creating the customer experience that clients are looking for.

Here is a list of the top 5 CX software to incorporate in 2024:

With ADA, you receive a fully stocked, AI-powered customer service automation platform that resolves more inquiries with the least amount of effort.

It helps you take on more complex cases with an AI agent that seamlessly weaves together knowledge of your company, products, and policies with codeless integrations to craft resolutions just as unique as the customer it’s serving.

Go from inquiry to resolution in record time with ADA.


Few interactions have the potential to delight customers more than a meaningful conversation with a knowledgeable, empathetic support team. To maximize the value though, you need to collect data. 

Aircall’s easy-to-use analytics dashboard is designed to make that simple, keeping all the essential stats front and center. It organizes and presents data in a digestible way that makes it simple to sort and find what you need. It means your support team can use their connected business phone system to see—and act on—customer experience analytics in real-time. 

Want to gain the insights you need to boost your support team, create fantastic customer experiences, and ultimately improve your business? Reach out to the Aircall team today.


It’s no secret that most companies love the idea of loyal customers, but they don’t prioritize conditions that create loyalty. Put simply, they don’t practice what they preach. At Dixa, they know that loyalty must be earned, which is why they’re investing in AI that helps your team be their best selves so your customers always leave with a smile. 

Dixa helps you create effortless service experiences for teams and customers that unlock loyalty at scale. Connect with Dixa to transform your customer experience.


Gorgias is built exclusively for ecommerce companies. Their Shopify integration is incredibly deep, as are their integrations with major ecommerce tools related to marketing, loyalty, and fulfillment or returns. All of these integrations allow you to skip tab-shuffling and personalize interactions through real-time customer data getting pulled into the helpdesk.

Gorgias isn’t just a customer service software, it’s a customer service software built for revenue generation. With features like chat campaigns and self-service quick response flows to facilitate pre-sales interactions, and dashboards showing support’s impact on revenue, Gorgias makes it easy to improve support’s ROI. Learn more about all Gorgias can do for you.


Loris is the pioneer of CX Conversational Quality (”CQ”). They provide customer service teams with an intelligence layer designed to continuously improve each conversation through an impactful feedback loop of Actionable Insights, Automated Quality Assurance and Real-Time Agent Assist.

Their results speak for themselves: time and time again, Loris helps customer teams successfully improve customer service and experience so they can lower costs while better-serving customers who expect quality support anytime, anywhere they want to reach out.

Turn customer insights into real-time action with Loris.


Revolutionizing Business Experiences: Harnessing the Power of CX Software

The strategic integration of cutting-edge CX software and world-class customer service agents is key to driving business success.

By leveraging these powerful technologies, you enable your company to uphold a holistic approach to understanding and enhancing the entire customer journey. 

At Horatio, we’re experts at leveraging CX software platforms to transform the way you engage with your audience. Our customer-centric approach can help you ensure success in today’s dynamic and competitive market landscape.


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