The Value of Integrating CX in Marketing

CX and marketing

Despite CX being a central component of success for marketing, it is a common practice in the business world for them to remain isolated from each other. Marketing exists to advertise the company’s products and/or services, boost sales, and create revenue options. However, this all falls short when not done in collaboration with the CX team.

Why Should We Integrate CX and Marketing?

When CX and marketing are not working under the same vision, marketing can sell an idea of the brand very far from the reality of what the customer experiences. The result of this is a very dissatisfied customer, unlikely to return or hold the brand in good regard.

This becomes even more relevant when you consider that most consumers don’t distinguish between the brand experience and the customer experience. Therefore, with CX and marketing working under the same vision and with their resources aligned, they can successfully connect with their customers, ensuring a positive experience and view of the brand.

How to Get CX and Marketing on the Same Page

To ensure lasting loyalty in customers, they need to be aware of what the company offers and receive exactly what is promised. Here are some ways to get both CX and marketing working together to achieve this:

1. Integrate CX and Marketing

It is very important for both departments to be highly collaborative. As a more extreme measure, placing the CX department under the marketing one might be the best option. In this way, all marketing and advertising efforts will be congruent with what the customer will experience as they interact with the company.

2. Define a Shared Vision and Goal

A close relationship between marketing and CX is crucial for them to work together successfully. Through this, they can decipher how the brand promise will be delivered accurately through each customer interaction. The deciding factor for success is for both teams to be realistic about what they can actually deliver.

3. Enrich Marketing with CX Data

CX teams interact with customers daily, which gives them the opportunity to analyze feedback and identify where the company can do better. Sharing this information with the marketing team can then help them adjust their strategy in accordance with what the customers really want. As a consequence, the company will meet customers’ expectations and their experience will be gratifying.

4. Maintain a Coherent and Authentic Brand

Branding consistency is key to the success of a company. Carefully crafting an excellent customer experience needs to be done as a reflection of what marketing is selling. Nonetheless, excellent customer service must be kept within the bounds of what can be delivered consistently across all touchpoints. Otherwise, trouble might ensue.

Customer Experience

CX That Fulfills Marketing Expectations

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