The Impact of Customer Experience for Crypto

With the growth of Cryptocurrencies over the past five years, an often overlooked question is – who is the crypto customer and what is crypto CX? When it comes to buying, selling and trading crypto, the needs of the consumer are not always straightforward. Moreover, it is important to consider how CX agents will be reliably vetted to make sure they have the unique skill-set required to meet the needs of this sector.

Our company, Horatio, does just that. We also recognize the potential and areas to be improved on in the crypto customer experience. Historically, this sector lacked CX agents who understood the need. This in part was because the demand for crypto seemingly popped up overnight and many had a hard time keeping up with the demand. At Horatio, we have avoided this by implementing a rigorous process to identify dedicated agents who have the skillset (and personal characteristics) needed to serve our customers in this space. 

Many crypto cx issues (like having access to funds or trading questions) require agents to be fast-thinking, adaptable and innovative. Beyond these traits, a few other points are fundamental  for CX agents when it comes to crypto: 

  1. Deliver on promises: While cryptocurrency is a relatively new and ever-changing field, it behooves CX agents to bring a formality and concierge-like experience for their customers. It is fundamental to deliver on promises and stick to timelines. Technical glitches and cyberattacks can happen when dealing with crypto – therefore the more transparent and communicative agents are, the easier it is for consumers to deal with these uncomfortable situations. 
  2. Pay attention to the fine-print: Crypto regulations are very different from one country to the next. Additionally, every platform has their own nuances and rules. It is important for agents to not only learn these regulations but also adapt to the ethos of their cryptocurrency client. When agents understand the values and principles of a company, it is thereby easier to provide stellar support. 
  3. Have Empathy:  When it comes to tech-based products, having empathy is vital. Empathy encompasses an understanding that at the heart of these digital dealings there are still humans with emotions and concerns. Even when conversing in largely technical terms it is important to have compassion and patience with each customer interaction. This will make tackling a host of issues much easier, and keep consumers satisfied with your clients platform and cryptocurrency in general. 

At Horatio, we are excited about all the possibilities to come in crypto. Despite the ever-changing landscape, providing CX that is detail-oriented and multi-faceted is critical in keeping the crypto industry afloat and thriving.


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