Post-Pandemic CX: Reimagining Customer Experiences amid Unprecedented Times

It is hard to believe that it has been over two years since the COVID pandemic started. As the world adapts to a new “normal” it is time for CX professionals to reimagine our industry for a post-pandemic society. During COVID-19 countless e-commerce companies saw their customer base change overnight. As demand sharply increased for many, so did the need for high-touch CX. Ultimately, many brands either sank or swam due to how they handled customer demands. Many were able to put a figurative band-aid on their CX issues by simply digitizing their CX. However, in times of crisis, a customer’s interaction with a brand can not only trigger heightened emotions but also often lead to an immediate judgment on said brand’s reliability. For this reason, and countless others,  at Horatio we recognize in a post-pandemic world the human touch will be more important than ever before. While AI is an important amplification tool, when it comes to building trust, human agents are critical to superb CX. 

The importance of human-led conversation is paramount in our post-pandemic society. Here are some other critical tips for brands to ensure quality CX in this new era: 

Diversify your CX touchpoints: CX needs to be cohesive across a brand’s website. Beyond this, it should be found in both accessible and unexpected places. When a customer has an issue, the last thing they want to be doing is looking for how to contact a brand. Have a wide range of options for how the customer can get in touch with your brand to be able to cater to their preferences. A human connection (agent) should always be just as accessible as a digital option during these fragile times. 

Weave brand values into your CX: During the last two years, as the country and world have grown increasingly divisive, customers have aligned with brands that match their values. Every brand should make sure these values are extended and woven into every part of their customer experiences. This means ensuring brand language (from website copy to specific words agents use)  is cohesive and reflects these values. Beyond this, it behooves brands to create mission-driven ways customers can be felt and heard. Loyalty programs, for example, should also now reflect these brand values and incentivize being a good citizen.  

Empathy, above all: In this new world, care and compassion trump all. Timeliness and efficiency are paramount, but CX nowadays needs to be more compassionate than ever before. Your agents should have a high EQ and learn that each customer should be treated as the unique person they are. No two problems are the same and in dealing with customers, it is best to encourage agents to feel empowered to offer specific solutions. Customers don’t like being fed scripted answers. Remember that even small exchanges and moments of empathy will result in loyal customers, who will respect your brand for going above and beyond the norm. 


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