Outsource & Conquer: Why outsourcing CX this year is more important than ever before

This year it seems the holiday season has crept upon us, even faster than years past. Early holiday promotion coupled with the global supply chain issues has led to a unique time for the CX industry worldwide… Customer demands and inquiries have skyrocketed and many brands are finding their internal CX teams overworked and understaffed. According to a recent LinkedIn study, it takes an average of 34 days to hire for a CX role. At this point, if you are scrambling for more support, unfortunately your business is already at a disadvantage.

Even if a brand’s first inclination is not to hire additional members, keep in mind, it is extremely costly to retrain current customer experience staff on your team to keep up with ever-growing demands. For this reason alone it behooves all brands to look ahead for their CX when launching and growing a business. A solid way to do this is to outsource CX with a tech-forward and hands-on CX team, such as Horatio.

Beyond staffing and training issues, outsourcing CX has other advantages which are often overlooked — a large one being better risk management. When your team puts CX on the back burner, often customer complaints on public forums and social media can fall through the cracks. However, when you have an assigned CX team like Horatio on your side, you can combine human interaction with technology. This ensures your CX will have 24/7 coverage, which is a welcome relief.

A brand needs to have a well-trained CX team who can provide unmatched expertise. There is a human element to dealing with customer complaints and questions. Not only is a high-degree of emotional maturity required of an agent, but CX agents also need to understand the brand ethos’ inside and out. This not only helps to unify brand messaging, but also makes sure a high-touch and personalized experience is had for each customer. Horatio agents have a lengthy immersion process with each brand they are exclusively assigned to in order to understand the brands’ values and mission, and hence reflect their tone of voice with each CX interaction.

The reasons are countless for why CX outsourcing is needed more than ever before. BPO CX is an extension of your team that provides added security and a concierge experience for customers. Above all, having a trained team on your side will give your brand the time and relief that you have a CX operation in place so that you can continue to scale and grow your customer base as quickly as possible.


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