Employee Benefits to Attract top-tier Talent

Companies are getting better at enticing and retaining their most important resources: their employees. Businesses reap big benefits by ensuring their employees feel a sense of belongingness. Often, however, it can feel daunting on where to start when creating an exemplary company culture. Let’s dive breakdown some cost-effective and easy tips to attract the best talent for your team:

On-site Perks

This benefit, which started popularizing a decade ago, can bear excellent results. In fact, SnackNation found out that free snacks at workplaces made 67% of employees “very” or “extremely” happy. And according to a Glassdoor survey, 19% of workers would consider on-site perks to be more valuable than a pay increment. 

You don’t need to pump a massive sum of money into these programs – the goal is to create an inviting sense of community. Investing in a membership for a big box store where you can buy these goods in bulk will help keep costs down for your company. Another simple perk is creating a casual environment by having a special weekday every month. Whether that is a company-wide “theme dress-up day” or a themed food cart that comes every Friday. Having a space devoted to relaxing and unwinding, like a meditation room, is a great way to keep morale high. Integrating mental wellness through spaces and practices will go a long way with your team. 

Employee Appreciation Programs

Researchers have revealed that 90% of workers who were recognized or thanked by their employers routinely feel that their workplace is trustworthy. When appreciated, all humans feel better about themselves and their surroundings. Furthermore, a sense of gratitude extended to employees will help them feel empowered and encouraged to bring new ideas. This will reduce overall employee turnover and keep the work environment positive.  

Companies additionally benefit when they extend these moments of gratitude beyond personal interactions and create a culture of gratitude.  While personal rewards like gift cards and coupons will brighten an employee’s day – having team rewards can eliminate competitiveness and motivate the larger group. If your company uses slack, creating a “shout-out channel” is another cost-effective and easy way to encourage gratitude. By implementing these tricks, your company will find that a sense of appreciation is contagious. 

Financial Wellness Resources

Research has shown that 72% of employees worry about their financial status. Another study identified that a $400 expense would be too costly for 46% of Americans

If left unattended, such concerns can harm your employees’ productivity down the road. A simple solution involves educating them about financial literacy through PDFs, videos, webinars, and other materials sent via their emails. Your benefits team or HR office can also encourage them to commit a portion of their salaries to savings. Hiring personal finance professionals to have company “Ted Talks” is another great way to encourage financial education. 

A free finance wellness application is another great idea. For instance, the employees can access their wages, financial coaching, and health discounts through an online portal. All of these simple steps can help your workers achieve their personal financial goals, and in turn, have less stress in their lives. 

Voluntary Benefits

Sure, your workers are enjoying an insurance plan. Still, prescription services and products (like drugs) can be burdensome. Caring about every element of your employees’ health plans goes a long way. Beyond insurance, consider providing voluntary benefits like health discounts that can ease their personal financial burdens. 

An easy way to go about this is to partner with providers like New Benefits to help employees save at least 34% to 79% on medications. Users can also access home deliveries and other services from partner pharmacies. 

Mental Health Support

The National Alliance of Mental Health reports that every year 20% (1 out of 5) of Americans will contend with a mental illness challenge. Of course, this issue then affects workplace productivity- 82% of employees say that their work performance depends on their mental health. 

Destigmatizing mental health wellness will reiterate to employees that they work for an open-minded and caring company.  Discounts on programs and apps that promote mental health, go a long way to help this. 

Having peaceful meditation and de-stress “tech-free zones” is also a fundamental step in creating a sustainably healthy and happy workplace.  Also, green spaces outside and a space for activities have proven to help employees by breaking up the monotony of work. 

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