Don’t forget the Customer Experience this Black Friday & Cyber Monday

This year, amid the pandemic supply chain shortages and recent shipping delays, consumers are already planning for the holidays well before the season. In fact, according to a new survey from logistics startup parcelLab and third-party research firm YouGov, 50 percent of shoppers will be done with their holiday shopping before November 29th. Similar to last year, retail experts predict that for the 2021 holiday season, consumers will continue to shop for their needs rather than their wants.  This hasn’t stopped big retailers from Target to Amazon to already start promoting what their Black Friday and Cyber Monday products will be. 

Often, shoppers can feel intimidated by the sheer number of sales that occur on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Now, some brands are even extending the sales to a whole “Cyber Week,” with additional markdowns.  In such a competitive playing field, with consumers already leery, it goes without saying that the key differentiator for online brands will be to stand out from their competition. The most critical component of this will be if brands can retain stellar customer experience amid the Black Friday and Cyber Monday frenzy. 

With CX at the top of mind, brands would be wise to invest in a clear plan of action focused on personalization and ease for their consumers during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. Beyond ramping up online chat features, it is good to lay out through marketing and ads how their experience will still have a “concierge” touch. Perhaps, this means a beautiful email with personalized choices of products based on past purchases. This also can translate into making the return policy more generous for BF/CM purchases. Finally, showing a human connection – and highlighting the staff – will make consumers feel they are in the hands of verified experts, rather than falling prey to holiday gimmicks to simply entice them to “spend more.”

In short, making the day easy, personal, and providing a seamless customer experience will be what sets brands apart this year on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Ensuring relevant and timely interactions with consumers should not take a back seat, to the actual deals themselves. Online retailers will set themselves apart through providing omnichannel CX customer solutions. This can be as simple as allowing consumers to “co-browse” (providing more detailed product information and images) and incorporating more online chat tools. 

When brands remember and invest in the experience of the customer during Black Friday and Cyber Monday, they will have happy and satisfied customers. The goal should be how to retain and have repeat customers on many occasions –  not just during this one special week of sales. 


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