Customer Experience (CX) Trends in the New Year (2023)

Customer Experience will continue to be a “Brand Protector

As brands, small and large, learned in 2022, the unthinkable can happen constantly. From global supply chain issues (which can yield shipping delays), brands had to pivot and be upfront about CX issues with customers. Traditionally, brand protection was thought of in terms of marketing or even legal terms. However, these days, keen companies know that CX is the ultimate “brand” protector. From content moderation to individual transactions, customer service agents will remain on the front lines of keeping customers informed and satisfied in 2023. Over the next year, a brand’s reputation will be firmly placed among consumer feedback, with the continual rise of social media. It is up to businesses to recognize this, and in most cases, rely on CX professionals to make sure their services are in the best hands possible. 

Automation will become increasingly Sophisticated

It is certain that CX will continue to be transformed by AI in the months ahead. At Horatio, while we always believe that the human touch can never nor should never be rep[aced by AI, completely, we also recognize the power of using AI to complement our team’s amazing skill sets. AI will also help CX problems be resolved in a much quicker fashion in 2023. Business professionals from all over the world and all different industries recognize this – in fact, a recent Gartner report indicates that 80% of business executives think automation can be applied to any business decision. With this in mind, automation, and AI, will keep increasing in importance in 2023. 

CX will extend to new sectors

CX is now in most sectors, and certainly most DTC brands. However, the healthcare industry will have a major shakeup in CX in 2023. According to RedPointGlobal, “just as technology makes one-to-one marketing a reality, an enterprise customer data platform (CDP) capable of producing an accurate customer golden record using a healthcare organization’s own first-party data makes the single patient view a reality.”  CDP is just one indication that the healthcare community will adopt a more sophisticated consumer-centric model in 2023. 

Attention to detail will be Paramount

Retail competition both online (DTC) and brick and mortar will remain fierce in the next year, despite economic ebb and flow. For a brand to remain competitive, their CX will need to be buttoned up and detail-oriented. Personalization and emotionally mature agents who understand sophisticated and unique CX scenarios will be the leaders of the pack.


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