AI & CX: Why This Symbiotic Relationship is Vital to the new frontier of Customer Experience

The Global AI Agenda, an MIT report from March 2020, found that customer care was one of the top use cases for AI. 60% of respondents said they believe “AI will play a role in 11 percent to 30 percent of their processes.”  The overall implementation of digital tools has likely increased these metrics post-COVID, and across many sectors, AI solutions are likely to become increasingly competitive. This said, a lot of people think that artificial intelligence is going to replace humans eventually. Those with greater knowledge of Customer Experience, however, know that the human touch is absolutely imperative. We believe quality CX relies on the symbiotic relationship between the high-skilled human touch, supported by AI tools. 

At Horatio, we find that artificial intelligence helps our team be much more efficient;  we integrate different tools to automate those easy questions that can be answered by AI. For instance, RedRoute is an AI Voice enabled software that we utilize for those clients with a high volume of calls. Our team (of over 800+ agents) then has the time and bandwidth to focus on those more complex issues that require a high level of Customer Experience expertise and knowledge. The two in combination (our team of agents plus support of digital tools) in turn leads us to go above and beyond for our clients, and provide an amazing – and organic – customer experience.

When it comes to sussing out what software is best for a CX team, it is imperative that a team employs technological tools that can allow them to overall provide an exceptional experience without compromising rapid response times. Looking to implement software, there are a lot of options on the market. We employ a variety of software that helps us do just that. Gorgias is one of our biggest partners, and our team finds their tools help them to automate many tasks (so they can focus on the larger issues). We also derive a lot of complex and helpful data and analytics from this software, that in turn makes our agents even more productive as time goes by.  

Ultimately, the goal of implementing AI for any CX team should be to make your team more efficient and ultimately happier. By relieving some tasks that can be easily given to AI tools, it allows your team to hone in on creative thinking and outside-of-the-box solutions. MIT robotics professor Cynthia Breazeal, recently told INC. Magazine that she believes, “the next generation [of CX workers] will have moved beyond being ‘digital natives’ [and] they will be ‘AI natives.’ 

The exciting relationship between CX and AI means Horatio employees (and others in Customer Experience) are at the forefront of a digital revolution, and ultimately a CX revolution as Customer Experience will be taken to new heights. Happily, this means, we can continue to better serve our clients and their customers.


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