2022 Holiday CX Trends & What Businesses Should Prioritize

2022 Holiday CX Trends

The holidays are here and retailers are already gearing up for a frenzy. This year Black Friday and Cyber Monday, according to data from salesforce, in many sectors,  sales were up 14%  and site traffic was up 26%. These numbers are a bit of a surprise as many predicted the opposite given a possible impending global recession. That said, every holiday season, unpredictable variables are always at play for retailers (both online and brick-and-mortar). With this in mind, here are a few tips for staying ahead of holiday curveballs: 

2022 Holiday CX Trends

1. Diversify Your CX Experience:

Those retailers who add additional support beyond the traditional expected support will win this holiday season. In addition to increasing the number of agents in your CX team, it behooves stores to set up “on-demand” CX. For brick-and-mortar, this encompasses spots through their stores, flashy pop-ups with face-to-face help, and innovative kiosks. When it comes to e-commerce, your team should be equipped with the latest technologies (from AI to VR) to support your high-touch teams. 

2. Maximize Mobile (CX):

With the travel season underway, many shoppers are using their smartphones to buy their holiday gifts. When an issue arises, it is important for online businesses big and small to make the customer experience from browsing to checkout, as seamless as possible. CX Support icons should be easily identifiable. They should also be sophisticated enough to offer a wide range of issues, and not just a few suggested issues. 

3. Align with Customer Requests in Real Time:

It may sound like stating the obvious, but often in CX, many companies become so obsessed with technology that they forget that the best feedback isn’t coming from a database but rather from the customers themselves. Take the feedback you receive from holiday customers seriously and make changes to your system and operations when applicable IN REAL TIME. Don’t wait until the next holiday to implement these changes. Have a resourceful and adaptable team who is able to adjust processes, policies, and systems speedily so that one incident doesn’t become a headache for all. By adapting, you will not only keep a customer, but also make them a legacy brand loyalist. Customers notice and moreover appreciate when their voices are heard – and swift action is taken. Having a good dialogue between the CX and IT teams will help this process. 

4. Holiday Cheer for All:

The holidays are a magical time and CX teams should embody this joyful spirit. Your CX team should find unique and personal ways to delight their customers. Maybe it is through a handwritten follow-up card after an interaction or adding gift wrap at no charge. Small things can bolster customer appreciation and thereby the strength of your brand.


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