The Human Touch: How Content Moderation can be Improved with Empathy

With the ever-increasing volume of user-generated content (UGC) on online platforms, content moderation has become a critical task to maintain a safe online environment. Despite the added touch of artificial intelligence (AI), human moderation, also known as manual moderation, still yields the best results because it picks up on sentiments and intentions with more accuracy.


Content Moderation 101

Content moderation refers to the monitoring and screening of user-generated content on different online platforms, such as social media, online marketplaces, sharing economy, dating sites, communities, forums, etc.


This is extremely relevant to ensure adherence to platform-specific policies and guidelines that protect both users and brands from being associated or involved with illegal, inappropriate, scams, and even harassment.


The Added Value of AI to Content Moderation

AI-based content moderation tools offer significant added value to platforms looking to ensure a safe and healthy online environment for their users.


From scalability and consistency to efficiency, accuracy, and adaptability, AI-powered content moderation tools contribute to  platforms by propelling them to stay ahead of the curve and protect their users from harm.


However, at the end of the day, AI is just a tool and will not maintain your reputation on its own.


The Importance of the Human Touch in Content Moderation

Earlier this year, Statista shared that “as of January 2023, there were 5.16 billion internet users worldwide, which is 64.4 percent of the global population.” This means all these eyes are browsing the internet, and may even land upon your page. Since most customers make their decisions based on their first interaction with a brand, UGC puts you at risk of that first impression being negative.


The impact that UGC retains in the digital space has not gone unnoticed. In fact, it is one of the biggest instigators of the  the influencer industry’s rapid growth . But influencers are not the only ones that participate in the generation of content. In fact, most customers post texts, images or videos on the daily across numerous platforms. If you don’t keep up with what is being posted, your brand is at unnecessary risk.


This is where human content moderation comes in and is capable of making a difference. By reviewing and monitoring UGC on online platforms, it makes sure that all content complies with the platform’s policies and community guidelines. While artificial intelligence (AI) has been increasingly used in content moderation, the human touch is still vital in ensuring effective and ethical content moderation. Here are some reasons why the human touch is essential in content moderation:


1. Contextual Understanding

AI algorithms can detect keywords and patterns that might indicate problematic content, but they may not be able to understand the context surrounding the content. Humans can apply the necessary context to understand the nuances and complexities of the content, allowing more accurate and informed decisions.


2. Subjectivity

Content moderation involves making subjective judgments about what is acceptable and what is not. AI algorithms may have biases, while humans can provide more nuanced and balanced perspectives to ensure that moderation decisions are fair and consistent.


3. Empathy

Content moderation can involve reviewing content that is sensitive, graphic, or distressing. Humans can provide empathy and understanding to ensure that the mental health and well-being of the users are taken into account, as well as that of the users affected by the content.


4. Ethics

Content moderation raises ethical concerns around freedom of speech, privacy, and censorship. Humans can provide the necessary ethical judgment and reasoning to make sure that the platform’s policies and community guidelines are enforced appropriately and responsibly.


5. Adaptability

Content moderation policies and community guidelines are continually evolving, and AI algorithms may not be able to keep up with the changes. Humans can provide flexibility and adaptability to ensure that content moderation policies remain up-to-date and responsive to changing circumstances.


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The Invisible Workforce: Behind the Scenes of Content  Moderation

The human touch is essential in content moderation to provide contextual understanding, subjectivity, empathy, ethics, and adaptability. While AI algorithms provide some benefits in content moderation, human moderators remain a vital part of the process.


By combining the strengths of AI with the human touch, platforms can ensure effective and ethical content moderation, creating a safer and healthier online environment for users. Horatio’s expertise with just this can make a difference in your platform, ensuring its safety and promoting a positive image of your brand from day 1.

At Hire Horatio we are committed to building a personalized, world-class customer experience to level up your company, and this starts with curating your own digital space. Contact us to take your content moderation to new heights.


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