How Prioritizing Outsourcing Can Help Your Company Get Ahead

Outsourcing can sometimes get a bad wrap. Historically, it was sometimes viewed as commoditized or just a cost on a P&L Statement. We started building Horatio with the intent of proving that these notions were the exact opposite of reality. Recently, the shift in sentiment about the value of outsourcing has already started to change. This has largely been true since the global pandemic and other global crises occurred, oftentimes making hiring a nightmare. 

The bottom line is that, when clients outsource services, all of our clients have discovered it is a revenue generator and lets you get down to what you do best.  Of course, having a dedicated team focused on CX in our case improves your customers’ lifetime value. CX is one of the last and most important frontiers to differentiate your business from others. But outsourcing, in general, has overall benefits, which include the following:

  • Improved efficiency – Like anything else in life, businesses can not be built alone. Not only will costs be cut by having an outside team to help focus on singular (or sometimes multiple) tasks, but your company will inevitably increase efficiency in the long run in the things that define your business. 
  •  Extra time for Innovation// product development – With improved efficiency, it goes without saying that there is also added time. “Time given back” is often a wild notion in today’s 24-hour economy, but indeed by handing over important tasks to well-equipped outsourcing partners, your business will have time to innovate and develop products and/or services.
  • Allows brands to focus on “core competencies” – Outsourcing for customer service has many benefits. Perhaps the greatest as we keep reiterating is it allows your internal team members to focus on their best skills, helping your business to run smoothly and ultimately increasing your ROI.
  • Increased Brand Loyalty – By streamlining and outsourcing your services, it has been proven that customer loyalty will increase. Why? Because there will be consistency in the service your customers will receive. Having dedicated teams focused on one area will ensure that small issues are tended to in a timely and professional manner. 
  • Attracting Global “Top Talent” – At Horatio, we pride ourselves on assembling people with the best customer service practices and etiquette on the globe. When choosing an outsourcing partner, the talent behind the service should be a major reason as to why you work with that said specific provider. There should be a differentiator in the type of talent they work with – but also make sure that these companies focus on aligning with your own brand’s values and mission. 


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