Getting Started

At Horatio, our motto is to embody the Japanese word Kaizen, which means “continuous improvement”. We strive to be better each day and want to have continuous improvement in everything we do across the organization and on behalf of our clients. Kaizen is a daily practice that involves every single person in the organization working to constantly improve our processes, culture, and overall organization.

1. Discovery

We use this information to assess your business and build out an effective strategy to enhance your customer experience program. Then, we define the unique Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that best reflect the metrics that lead to happy customers and sales growth.

2. Solution

We are software agnostic and will adapt to your existing technology or recommend the best help desk that suits your specific needs.


3. Agreement

We develop and finalize an agreement with clear milestones, expectations, and deliverables.


4. Implementation

We will organize training sessions over the course of the first week. Training sessions usually cover the following criteria: questions to be answered, how to respond, when to escalate, and general brand voice or communication style guidelines. We will evaluate actual inquiries received and develop a strategy to effectively resolve them.


5. Launch

We provide synthesized feedback reports to let you know what your customers are saying, including common themes and regularly occurring issues from customers. We then provide possible action items to improve your customer experience.